Henryk Grossman 1929

Law of the Accumulation and Breakdown

Written: 1926-29;
First Published: 1929;
Source: Translated and abridged by Jairus Banaji from Henryk Grossmann Das Akkumulations- und Zusammenbruchsgesetz des kapitalistischen Systems (Zugleich eine Krisentheorie), (Hirschfeld, Leipzig, 1929)
Transcription: Steve Palmer.
Copyleft: Internet Archive(marxists.org) 2005. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the Creative Commons License. Published here with the permission of the translator Jairus Banaji.



1. The Downfall of Capitalism in the Existing Literature

2. The Law of Capitalist Breakdown

3. Modifying countertendencies