MIA: M.I.A. Library: Maxim Gorky

painting of Gorky by his friend Isaac Brodskii


Maxim Gorky



Portrait by Anatol Lunacharsky



1897: Creatures That Once Were Men
1901: Song of the Stormy Petrel
1901: On the Steppes
1901: Tchelkache
1902: An Autumn Night
1906: Mother
1906: Letter on the Russian Revolution
1906: Comrade
1907: England and the Russian Revolution
1910: What Tchekhof Thought of It
1918: January 9, 1905, and January 5, 1918
1919: An Appeal to the World
1919: Soviet Russia and the Nations of the World
1919: Two Civilizations
1920: The Revolt of the Slaves
1920: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
1923: To all who have Children or who love Children! (appeal)
1924: Lenin Eulogy
1924: Lenin Eulogy (PDF of the original pamphlet)
1932: To American Intellectuals (2nd ed., 3rd ed.)
1934: Soviet Literature
        The People Must Know Their History!
        The Clock
        Fairy Tales of Reality
        Letter to a Monarchist
        Pushkin: An Appraisal


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