MIA: Georgy Gapon


(1870 - 1906)

Georgy Apollonovich Gapon  (17 February [O.S. 5 February] 1870 – 10 April [O.S. 28 March] 1906)  Russian Orthodox priest, leader of the Assembly of Russian Factory Workers of the City of St. Petersburg. On January 9, 1905, Gapon organised, with provocative aims, a peaceful procession of workers to the Winter Palace to present a petition to the tsar. The unarmed workers were shot down in what would be called Bloody Sunday. Gapon was himself wounded and forced to flee St Petersburg.

After this Gapon emigrated abroad, where he joined the Socialist-Revolutionary Party, then returned to Russia illegally, and resumed contact with the tsarist secret political police. He was assigned to help dismantle the workers organizations which he helped to build.

In April 1906, Gapon was hanged by SR party combatants who had overheard him discussing his police contacts with, and attempting to recruit, another militant to that cause.




1905: St. Petersburg Workingmen's Petition to Tsar Nicholas II

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