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Clara Fraser speaking

Clara Fraser


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Fraser was a long-time U.S. socialist-feminist, radical activist, and trade union organizer. Founder and leader of the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women. Author of numerous articles and the book Revolution, She Wrote.



How Marxists Think, 1955

Suppressed Facts Behind the Khrushchev Revelations, 1956

Dr. Zhivago: Dixiecrat of the Steppes, 1958

On the Threshold of a New Epoch, 1960

The Emancipation of Women, 1965

Men, Women and War, 1972

Woman as Leader: Double Jeopardy on Account of Sex, 1972

The Meaning of May Day for the '70s Generation, 1973

Which Road Towards Women's Liberation: A Radical Vanguard or a Single-Issue Coalition?, 1973

Response to "Notes on Leadership", 1975

Birth of a Column, 1978

Interview with a Native Woman Warrior, 1976

Male Marxists with a Freudian Hangover, 1977

Message to the Media, 1977

Media Revisited, 1977

Bread, Roses, and Heresy, 1978

The two "Julias", 1978

How Long, Oh Lords, How Long?, 1978

Welcome to L.A.!, 1978

Socialist Feminism: Where the Battle of the Sexes Resolves Itself, 1978

Of Hermits, Hedonists, and Related Narcissists, 1979

The Raw Courage of a Black Woman Writer, 1979

Sexual Economics, 1979

Shadows and Substances, 1979

A Socialist On Trial, 1980

The People vs. City Light, 1980

On the Dialectics of U.S. "Backwardness", 1980

Fighting Words on the Humanity of Marxism, 1981

On His Majesty's Secret Service, 1981

Adventures Among the Bureacrats, 1982

Betty Friedan: Exit Stage Right, 1982

Fourth of July Oration, 1982

Life and death in a New York Town, 1982

Gerry and Golda and Eleanor. . ., 1984

LaRouche: Sex Maniac and Demogogue, 1986

Showdown Time at City Light, 1986

No Place to Hide, 1987

The Man Who Could Be GOD, 1988

The Four Years of Living Dangerously, 1988

A Touch of Class, 1989

Say NO to Shamir and NO to Zionism!, 1989

Oppressions: The Capitalist Connection and the Socialist Solution, 1989

An Unvarnished Profile, 1989

A Half-Century of Struggle at Boeing, 1990

Time of the Whirlwind, 1990

Women: Motor Force of Soviet Survival, 1990

Camelot, Shamalot, 1991

Excerpts from an Affidavit, 1991

From the White House War Room to the Gulf Stream Waters, 1991

Long Arabian Nights, 1991

Beware of the Arkansas Traveler, 1992

Revenge of the Dykes, Choicers, Witches, Ghettoites and Single/Working/Welfare Moms, 1992

Stranger in a Strange Land, 1992

Thelma and Louise "R" Us, 1992

Ebony and Ivory—the Paradox and the Promise, 1993

The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name in the Army, 1993

Socialism for Skeptics, 1993

More Socialism for Skeptics, 1994

Socialism for Skeptics III - Clans or Klans: Choose One, 1994

The Lady Vanishes: Where is the Nicole Brown Simpson Story?, 1994

Letters to a Young Relative, 1996

Valedictory of a Free Spirit, 1996

Forward to the Past: the New Puritanism, 1997

Capital's Labor Lieutenants and Socialist Sergeants: The Danger Within, 1997

Lenin & Liberals, Seattle Style, 1997