James Connolly


Letter to the Secretary of the Edinburgh branch of the SDF

(1 November 1901)

First published in Socialist Standard, October 1973.
Transcribed by Adam Buick.
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Memo from Irish Socialist Republican Party.
Central Branch.
To: Sec. Edin. S.D.F. [1]
1 November 1901.

Dear Comrade,

I am forwarding herewith a copy of the pamphlet part of this month’s Workers’ Republic. The full paper will be delivered in a few days. I must take this opportunity to congratulate you on the magnificent stand made by the Scotch and more especially the Edinburgh comrades against the present compromising policy of the leaders of the S.D.F. Things may seem to look dangerous for you at present, but time is on your side, and when the English branches really realise the issues at stake and understand your position, the triumph will be yours. I speak with the knowledge of who one having been all through England knows that the only hope of the gang in power is to keep the English comrades ignorant. The present issue of our paper is primarily intended to prevent that hope being realised, by giving the large number of English branches who now take our paper a more clear exposition of this question than Justice has allowed them to have.

I only wish our paper was bigger or that our plant was more suitable for rapid printing than it is at present, but we are poor and we are still short of the cash necessary to supply us with a quick printing machine, but such help as we have we will readily give to you.

I would only say in conclusion to beware of all dodges and devices to drive you out of the S.D.F. Help in the organisation, do not be brow-beaten, nor get disgusted; for the sake of those who are in remain in also, and sooner or later you will find your policy tacitly adopted by the whole body even if they do not admit their indebtedness to you.


For the Revolution
Your old comrade,
James Connolly,



1. The Secretary of the Edinburgh branch of the Social Democratic Federation at the time was Alex Anderson, who did eventually leave the SDF, in 1904, as one of the founding members of the Socialist Party of Great Britain.


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