Tony Cliff & Donny Gluckstein

The Labour Party


Several people have helped in the writing and preparation of this book. Many thanks are due to Alex Callinicos, Lindsey German, Duncan Hallas, Chris Harman and Gareth Jenkins for their advice and suggestions. We also owe a debt to Lynda Aitken, Sue Cockerill, Geoff Ellen, Nick Howard and Martin Roiser for help in locating material and to Peter Marsden for editing and advice. Chanie Rosenberg deserves a special thanks for work on research materials in the Public Record Office and elsewhere, for typing and for allowing us to borrow freely from her article on the Labour Party and the struggle against fascism.

Tony Cliff and Donny Gluckstein, 31 March 1988

The authors are both members of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain. Tony Cliff has written many previous book, including the classic State Capitalism in Russia, a three volume biography of Lenin and others. Donny Gluckstein is s history lecturer in Edinburgh and the author of the Western Soviets: Workers’ Councils 1915–20. Together, they wrote Marxism and the Trade Union Struggle (1986), which is a study of the British General Strike of 1926.

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