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”…no revolutionary in the world is indifferent to Cuba or its process, luckier than other revolutions such as Russia's. And not just because Fidel is still alive and, as it were, a sort of Lenin's equivalent with all the ups and downs typical of a Head of State in a climate of unheard-of international stress, but because the left in its various forms and the country's topnotch intelligentsia are fighting for Socialism, unlike the USSR when Stalinism won through or when the Berlin Wall was torn down... That's an advantage, much like those 70 years worth of the very valuable experience of Eastern Europe, China and its problems, the demise of the Nicaraguan revolution in the 1990s, and so on. Above everything else, Cuba is lucky for the unparalleled opportunity we have to see a bunch of (never betrayed) revolutions taking place and coming together. Our links with the young Bolivarian revolution broaden our horizons and force us to improve ourselves more and more.”

How can you not be a Trotskyist in the Cuban Revolution!




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