Nikolai Bukharin

Imperialism and World Economy

Introduction by V.I. Lenin

Written: 1915 and 1917
Source: Nikolai Bukharin "Imperialism and World Economy", Monthly Review Press, no date
First Published in English: Nikolai Bukharin "Imperialism and World Economy", International Publishers 1929
Online Version: Marxists Internet Archive ( 2001
Transcription/Markup: Mathias Bismo


Introduction by V.I. Lenin

Part 1 - World Economy and the Process of Internationalisation of Capital

1. World Economy Defined
2. Growth of World Economy
3. Organisation Forms of World Economy

Part 2 - World Economy and the Process of Nationalisation of Capital

4. The Inner Structure of "National Economies" and the Tariff Policy
5. World Sales Markets and Changed Sales Conditions
6. World Market for Raw Materials, and Change in the Conditions of Purchasing Materials
7. World Movement of Capital, and Change in the Economic Forms of International Connections
8. World Economy and the "National" State

Part 3 - Imperialism as the Reproduction of Capitalist Competition on a Larger Scale

9. Imperialism as an Historic Category
10. Reproduction of the Process of Concentration and Centralisation on a World Scale
11. Means of Competitive Struggle, and State Power

Part 4 - The Future of Imperialism and World Economy

12. "Necessity" of Imperialism, and "Ultra-imperialism"
13. War and Economic Evolution
14. World Economy and Proletarian Socialism
15. Conclusion