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The Balkan War, 1912
The System of Communist Representation, 1919
Is This the Time to Form “Soviets”?, 1919
Letters to the IIIrd International, 1919/20
Towards the Establishment of Workers’ Councils in Italy, 1920
Theses of the Abstentionist Communist Faction of the Socialist Party, 1920
Seize Power or Seize the Factory?, 1920
Party and Class, 1921
Party and Class Action, 1921
The Meeting of the National Council of the Italian C.G.L. at Verona, 1921
The 1st of May in Italy, 1922
Speech in Discussion of Executive Committee Report, 1922, 4th Congress of the Comintern. Translation by John Riddell
Report on Fascism, 1922, 4th Congress of the Comintern. Translation by John Riddell
Speech in Discussion of Organizing the Executive, 1922, 4th Congress of the Comintern. Translation by John Riddell
The Democratic Principle, 1922
Communist Organisation and Discipline, 1924
The Lyons Theses, 1926
The Communist Left in the Third International, 1926
Letter to Karl Korsch, 1926
The Fundamentals for a Marxist Orientation, 1946
Force, Violence and Dictatorship in the Class Struggle, 1946
Class Struggle and “Bosses’ Offensives”, 1949
The Filling and Bursting of Bourgeois Civilisation, 1951
Proletarian Dictatorship and Class Party, 1951
Doctrine of the Body Possessed by the Devil, 1951
Characteristic Theses of the Party, 1951
Fundamental Theses of the Party, 1951
Murder of the Dead, 1951
Marxism of the Stammerers, 1952
Dialogue with Stalin, 1952
The Spirit of Horsepower, 1953
Weird and Wonderful Tales of Modern Social Decadence, 1956
The Solution of Bukharin, 1956
The Fundamentals of Revolutionary Communism, 1957
The original content of the communist program, 1958
Commentary on the Manuscripts of 1844, 1959
“Vae victis,” Germany!, 1960
Immutable tablets of the communist theory of the party, 1960
In Janitzio Death Is Not Scary, 1961
The Legend of the Piave, 1963
When the Party’s General Situation Is Historically Unfavourable, 1965


Articles from I.C.P.:

Auschwitz or the great alibi: What we deny and what we affirm, Martin Axelrad. Prolétaire 1996
Martin Axelrad (1926–2010), Obituary


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