Guy A. Aldred Archive

Communism : Story of the Communist Party
Appendix 9
The Council

Written: 1935.
Transcription/Markup: Andy Carloff
Online Source:; 2021

The Council was my fifth paper. The first number was issued in October, 1931, and the last in May, 1933. Explaining its purpose in the first issue, I declared : —
It (” The Council “) applies the Anti-Parliamentarian principles and vision we promoted in the “ Herald of Revolt “ (1910–14) and “ Spur “ (1914–21). It concludes the exposures of Parliamentarism and reformism of the “ Commune “ (1923–29) with a definite program of working-class unity and action....
Our aim and method of propaganda will include the following points of advocacy:
(1) MEETINGS.- We shall announce FREE all meetings of every organization affiliated to the Glasgow Council of Action. In the event of disputes arising about meeting places between various organizations, we shall be guided by prior claims. We shall also refer the matter to the Council for decision. We hold decisions of the Council as to the allocation of sites should be binding on all organizations affiliated to the Council. We hold that NO organization affiliated to the Council should hold meetings against another affiliated organization.
(2) AGENDA.- We shall press for regular meetings of the Council of Action, with an agenda to be sent round to all affiliated organizations, and made public. The public should be admitted to the meetings of the Council.
(3) ALL-IN COUNCIL.- We shall aim at building up the Anti-Parliamentary movement. But we shall urge also organization in any of the organizations affiliated to the Council of Action, according to individual bias. We want every adult worker, irrespective of creed or sex, to be associated in the Council of Action through the medium of some working-class organization.
We are prepared to speak, in the interests of the Council of Action, on the platform of any affiliated organization. We shall be loyal to the decisions of the Council. We shall work for this expression of industrial social democracy.

In other words, we aimed to establish a living social organization throughout the country of proletarian democracy.