Guy A. Aldred Archive

Communism : Story of the Communist Party
Appendix 8
C.P. Exposures

Written: 1935.
Transcription/Markup: Andy Carloff
Online Source:; 2021

The following exposures of the C.P. were made in The Commune. References do not include articles since embodied in my pamphlets :
Sept. 1925.- (1) “Yes, Honor This.” Tillett’s War Record Exposed; (2) Oh ! That United F’ront ! Record of the contempt the C.P. was bringing on Communism; (3) Red Hubbub; (4) Saklatvala’s Honor; (5) Fighting Free Speech. The Anti-Parley Way.

Oct.- The Passing of Leninism; What They Have Said (Further word against Tillett) ; Liverpool Limelights (acc. Tillett and C.P. Liverpool Conference).

Nov.- Communism Suppressed in Soviet Russia; Communism, Militarism and Sedition (Account of Conditions in Soviet Russia in relation to Opposition and Anti-Militarism) ; Persecution of Mjasnikow ; Leninism Supreme (Account of Berlin Soviet Feast and Toasts, etc., Sunday, Nov. 8, 1925).

Dec. Soviet Trial (Summary and Review) ; Sedition and Charlatanism (C.P. eulogies of Tillett exposed) ; Lenin Statecraft and Humbug; Communism,Empire, and the Political Prisoner.

Jan. 1926.- Debate in Commons (C.P. Trial) ; More Moscow Double-Dealing; Telegrams on Queen Alexandra’s death; Chicherin’s dining with Streseman and Seeker.

Feb. — “ Halt this Counter Revolution “ (Statement Russian Anti-Parliamentarians’ Program).

Mar.- A. C.P. Stalwart.

May — What is this Communism? (Complete Analysis of Soviet Criminal Code in relation to political rights, etc.) ; Communism, Toryism and Spies.

March, 1927 — Attitude towards China and the Cantonese Government (Reprinted article “ China Calls “ from Commune, July 1925).

Sept.-Oct. — (1) Communism, Careerism, and Parliamentarism (C.P. attitude towards Labor Party and regret at refused application exposed — C.P. support of W. F. Watson, knowing him to be a police agent, supporters included Mrs. Pollitt — Gallacher’s support of Tillett- Tillett exposed ; (2) Saklatvala’s Domestic Dieties (His Parsee family rites exposed).

Nov.- Shall Labor Liquidate Socialism or Capitalism? (The Issue Defined by Russian Anti- Parliamentarians). Mjasnikow’s statement.

Dec.- Remembrance Notes (Paragraphs dealing with treatment of anti-militarists in Russia. Statement of Russian Anti-Parliamentarians).

March, 1928.- Complete exposure of Ben Tillett and C.P. (Malone’s speech on unemployment in Parliament, October, 1920).

May.- (1) What Have They Done? (Reply to Gallacher’s defense of Ritchie against Aldred, Sept. 30, 1922) ; (2) Socialism or the United Front (Answers, 1922, to Ritchie summarized. Ritchie sneered at Aldred as “ obscure Anarchist lecturer,” etc.).
March 1929.- Trotsky’s Exile (Commune Anti-Parley Gazette, No. 6).

In addition to The Commune exposures, The Council (1932–33) exposed the C.P. agents provocateur. This exposure was developed further in The New Spur. These exposures ought to be published as a separate booklet. Ritchie’s activity as a Labor Councilor was exposed in The United Socialist, October, 1934. More recently he has been imprisoned and removed from office for corruption.