Name: Andy Blunden

Born: 1945

Political Party: Currently without political affiliation

Union: National Tertiary Education Union

General Notes: (See my Home Page)

Joined MIA: 1999

MIA Responsibilities: MIA Secretary, Maintainer of Hegel Reference Archive, the Philosophy Subject Reference Section, the Marx-Engels Archive; Section Director of the Reference Archive, Editor of the glossary, the drop-down menus and the Cross-Language Authors Index and Cross-Language Marx-Engels Index, and maintainer of numerous smaller archives: dietzgen, dunayevskaya, ilyenkov, james-clr, leontev, lukacs, luria, mikhailov, pilling and vygotsky; the reference/subject archives, subject archives for alienation, anarchism, ethics, philosophy, psychology, war, workers; history archives for International, Australia, France, ...

Published: Forword to Hegel's Logic, An Interdisciplinary Theory of Activity, Concepts. A Critical Approach and Collaborative Projects. An interdisciplinary study and The Origins of Collective Decision Making. See My Writing, for my research since Getting to know Hegel in 1998.

Foreword to Hegel’s Logic – purchase book from MIA for US$25.

Andy Blunden burning his draft card in Melbourne in March 1966